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Back in the day, developing a business plan was typically part of an academic exercise.  Student teams came up with product ideas and then pitched their plans to classroom rivals or a panel of instructors from the Business and Engineering Departments.   But, in the past few years – maybe because of Shark Tank, there has…

Ben Franklin’s Business StartUP Boot Camps

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central & Northern PA (BFTP/CNP) provides startup funding not only for tech-entrepreneurs and small manufacturers, but we also invest in innovative, entrepreneurial development programs that mentor and support emerging startups. With a large footprint comprised of areas with diverse needs, BFTP/CNP has developed a systematic approach to engaging with potential tech entrepreneurs at the…

Where Do You Go If You Need #Startupfunding In PA?

If you are developing a new tech-product, process, or software application, that you intend to commercialize, your personal assets and credit are only going to go so far. Many of the folks we’ve worked with have taken second mortgages on their homes, maxed out their credit cards and raided their pension accounts by the time they get…

Why enter a Business Plan Contest?

Why enter a Business Plan Contest? After all, when done properly, writing a business plan can be very time consuming. A panel of judges you have never met will pass judgment on not only your idea for a new product or service, but how well you define the opportunity and explain the market execution.

“Practice Makes Perfect”

If equity funding is part of your company’s financing strategy, it’s more than worth the time and effort to learn how to make a good pitch