LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS AND DOZENS OF INVESTORS WIN! Liz Wilson/Ben Franklin Technology Partners In 2006, Dan Bensur, Kevin Seeker and Bill Catania started a business around an idea to develop a mobile marketing loyalty program, or in other words, a way to redeem coupons from your smart phone. They had done their homework and knew that…

Ben Franklin Portfolio Company, Actuated Medical, Obtains FDA Clearance for TubeClear

Actuated Medical, Inc. announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined substantial equivalence of AMI’s TubeClear™ system specific to nasogastric (NG) feeding and decompression tubes.

According to the Pew Study, “The U.S. is Falling Behind on Energy Research?”

The U.S. lags behind many of its G-20 partners in clean energy finance and investment, according to a new study by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Why enter a Business Plan Contest?

Why enter a Business Plan Contest? After all, when done properly, writing a business plan can be very time consuming. A panel of judges you have never met will pass judgment on not only your idea for a new product or service, but how well you define the opportunity and explain the market execution.

Funding Options for Start-Up Companies

The development and commercialization of new technology is a very expensive process. Yet, even today nearly 30 years after the inception of the Ben Franklin program, an entrepreneur or small business owner has very few options when it comes to potential money sources.

Clean Energy Alternatives: Pennsylvania Has “Home-Grown” Solutions

Pennsylvania’s coal resources helped fuel the growth of American industry and played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution — but not without consequence. Pennsylvania was also one of the first in the country that had to deal with the impact of environmental pollution.

“Practice Makes Perfect”

If equity funding is part of your company’s financing strategy, it’s more than worth the time and effort to learn how to make a good pitch