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Ben Franklin Announces Spring 2024 TechCelerator Finalists!

State College, PA – Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA (CNP) is pleased to announce the selection of eight outstanding entrepreneurial teams to participate in the Spring 2024 TechCelerator Business Bootcamp. Following a rigorous application process, these finalists have been chosen for their innovative ideas and potential to make significant impacts in their respective industries.

Out of a pool of 20 applicants, the following teams have been selected for the 2024 Spring program:

Digital Evaluation Board, founded by Oren Gall (Centre County): OZG Systems’ Digital Evaluation Board (DEB) revolutionizes digital circuit design education by providing a portable, self-contained learning tool. Designed to enhance flexibility and practical learning, the DEB empowers students to master electrical theory anytime, anywhere.

DementiAnalytics, founded by Kevin Mekulu (Centre County): DementiAnalytics leverages artificial intelligence for the early-stage detection and monitoring of dementia. By analyzing patient speech patterns, the platform enables early intervention and improved patient outcomes in the fight against dementia.

KeyHealth Analytics, founded by Mike Hancock (Cumberland County): KeyHealth Analytics streamlines the PA Medicaid physician enrollment process through automation. By maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs, the platform enables healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality care while maximizing revenue opportunities.

Kustom King Traditional Archery, Founded by Ned Miller (Blair County): Kustom King Traditional Archery aims to address the challenges faced by new and existing traditional archers by providing high-quality products and expert guidance. With a focus on online accessibility, the company seeks to become the go-to source for traditional archery enthusiasts.

PathQuester, founded by Stephanie Bowles (Centre County): PathQuester is revolutionizing career readiness for underserved communities through an AI-powered centralized learning platform. By offering career matching and thousands of micro-courses, the platform aims to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore and pursue fulfilling career paths.

PlayPrint, founded by Kevin Zhang and Syed Bokhari (Centre County): PlayPrint addresses sustainability and safety concerns in children’s toys by offering innovative, eco-friendly alternatives. With a focus on creativity and educational value, PlayPrint aims to revolutionize the toy industry while minimizing its environmental footprint.

TDAY Sports, founded by Justin Leusner (Centre County): Description: TDAY Sports is a social media marketing company targeting Gen-Z sports fans. By creating captivating sports content and filling the gap in sports media focused on younger generations, TDAY aims to become the premier destination for sports enthusiasts in the digital age.

Workforce Consolidation, founded by Ronnie Tillman-Hill and Alex Steele (Dauphin County): WCS provides companies with eco-friendly employee transportation solutions, optimizing routes and reducing commute times. With a focus on convenience and sustainability, WCS enhances the employee experience while supporting efficient workforce management.

“We are thrilled to welcome these ten innovative teams to the Spring 2024 TechCelerator program,” said Bob Dornich, TechCelerator Coach. “Each of these finalists demonstrates incredible potential to drive positive change in their industries, and we look forward to supporting their journey from idea to impact.”

Learn more about the TechCelerator program and upcoming application periods here.