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STATE COLLEGE, PA – On December 10, 2013, the Board of Directors for Ben Franklin Technology Partners/CNP, approved investments totaling $1 million for 13 technology-based companies located in central and northern Pennsylvania.

Now in its 30th year, Ben Franklin makes investments in central and northern Pennsylvania’s entrepreneurs, tech-based start-ups, and small manufacturers to help them develop new products/processes, create employment opportunities, and increase sales. For more information on investment criteria, portfolio clients, and TechCelerator programs click on

The companies in Central Pennsylvania that received Ben Franklin funding are: 

Halare, Inc. offers potential customers a non-invasive method that alleviates the symptoms of chronic pulmonary problems such as sleep apnea.  For more information, contact Dr. Tony Warren at

Impulse Technology, LLC provides its customers with nano-scale, thin film specimen preparation for any material in any size at an affordable price.  Click on

Atoptix, LLC is developing a patented optical technology sensor, developed at Penn State University, which allows for miniaturization in spectroscopy. The technology replaces bench top lab equipment with a hand-held device. See


Biomagnetic Solutions, LLC is developing next generation bio-active ferrofluids that aid in the diagnosis of cancer and cardiology issues.  For more information, contact Ted Liberti at 814-689-1801.

Surge Business Development has created LiveIt, a site that uses an innovative social commerce platform to engage students, parents, and participating retailers in a meaningful “gifting” experience. See

Lasers for Innovative Solutions (L4IS) is commercializing a materials inspection and 3D visualization system, developed at Penn State University, capable of analyzing the internal structure of physical objects and then digitally reconstructing them in three dimensions. Click on

The Porterfield Group, LLC is a digital media company that offers a proprietary service for the development of customer produced and owned content.  See

EOS Zoo, Inc. is a unique network of video-sharing websites based on specific interests and activities that allow users to share content in a “social” environment.  See

The Companies located in South Central Pennsylvania that received funding are:

Better Bowls, LLC creates and markets nutritional food and beverage products that meet the needs of household members who suffer from nutrition-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and allergies.  Click on

American Built Arms Company, LLC is a veteran-owned manufacturer of parts and accessories for the civilian and military firearms market. See

ECKey Corporation manufactures Smartphone Access Control & Visitor Management Systems which effectively turn a Bluetooth-enabled phone into a key. See

International Water Company, LLC designs and manufactures independently operated Mobile Water Purification Systems for use in remote areas in need of clean, potable water.  Click on

Simulation Systems, Inc. developed a surgical simulator that allows doctors to be trained on micro-surgical techniques without the use of lab animals.

About Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Ben Franklin Technology Partners/CNP, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and funded by the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority, provides investment capital, operational assistance, and entrepreneurial support, to emerging tech-based companies and small, existing manufacturers for the purpose of creating and retaining jobs in Pennsylvania.  Contact the central office of Ben Franklin in Innovation Park at (814) 863-4558 or see the website at