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Ben Franklin Invests in Tech Startups that Create Jobs and Help Grow the PA Economy!

STATE COLLEGE, PA – More than a dozen small companies located in central and northern PA recently received an investment from Ben Franklin that will allow them to further develop a new product, process, or software application. Listed below are the companies that recently received funding and business support services:

AE Resources, located in Lewis Run, has developed a process that combines ultrasound and microwave technology to optimize chemical reactions.  Their Multi-Energy Optimized Processing is a highly cost-effective, energy-saving system that reduces the customer’s operational and capital expenses.

Located in Hermitage, Baby Arrival Monitor (BAM), is the world’s first mobile communication tool that creates a virtual waiting room for friends and family who want to be informed about the arrival of a new baby. BAM not only saves communication time during the delivery process, but allows for detailed, private conversations among pre-designated parties. Visit

ERApeutics, located in Lancaster, is a physician-led cognitive health company that is commercializing a high-nutrient, low-calorie beverage made from walnuts. Their product will be available in a ready-to-drink beverage that also contains a daily serving of Omega 3.

Benefix, located in Lancaster, is a one-stop-shop SaaS platform that gives insurance brokers the information they need while simplifying the current complex process. The company provides a modern marketplace to sell and enroll benefits, streamlining and automating the quoting, proposal, enrollment, and billing procedures.

Happy Valley Soup Company, located in Spring Mills, has contracted with regional consultants and Penn State University to help implement food processing procedures, develop documentation/training that will meet the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, and create new marketing initiatives.

InnoH2O Solutions, located in Somerset, designs and produces water purification systems for three markets: water reuse; potable water, and acid mine drainage remediation. The company also offers monitoring and on-site servicing.

Magnitude Instruments, located in State College, provides high-performance, nanosecond, transient absorption spectrometers to those conducting research in areas such as material, biological, and chemical sciences.  The company currently sells two different instruments that operate in different regions of the light spectrum to address current needs in the market. Visit

Mark Albert Boots, located in Somerset, is employing a novel, disruptive marketing and sales strategy using social media platforms and influencers combined with a direct-to-consumer online sales model to provide high-quality footwear products at a much lower price to the buyer.

Omega Notes, located in State College, has developed a system that maximizes learning outcomes while replacing the need for expensive textbooks. The company offers students digital e-books, studying tools, and collaboration features all on one platform.

Phospholutions, located in State College, has commercialized a patented technology developed at Penn State University to alleviate the environmental damage associated with phosphorus fertilizer which often washes away after application.

Reflexion Interactive Technologies, located in Lancaster, developed a portable LED touchscreen that quickly collects/measures a user’s reaction time, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, and pattern recognition for use in athletic training and physical rehabilitation.

Steller Innovations, located in Tyrone, is an emerging manufacturer of innovative flooring products.  Their patented assembly system provides customers with a beautiful solid hardwood floor in a snap-down, floating floor format that is easy to install, repair, and replace.

Sustainable Composites, located in Lancaster, developed an environmentally friendly, proprietary product, Enspire leather, using waste from tanneries and fabricators that would have normally ended up in a landfill.  Enspire contains more than 99% recycled leather fiber which can be used for any application such as shoes, furniture, and accessories.

If you are developing a new, innovative product, process, or software application, let us help you get from Startup to UP and running!  For more information, visit