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Ben Franklin Summer TechCelerator Finalists Chosen!

Out of 15 applicants, eight finalists were selected to participate in Ben Franklin Technology Partner’s Summer TechCelerator Business Bootcamp! These eight finalists have a startup idea they would like to explore the likelihood of success with the help of Ben Franklin’s experienced business coaches!

The eight entrepreneurial teams chosen for the 2023 Summer program represent an exciting mix of products & ideas:

KiposTech (Hema Ravindran & Raj Singh in Lancaster County)

KiposTech is a pioneering startup that harnesses non-thermal plasma technology for indoor air quality solutions, specifically targeting healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Their patent-pending disinfection systems offer comprehensive protection against pathogens and pollutants, effectively breaking the chain of infection.

North Country Gear Works (Dustin Coles in McKean County)

North Country Gear Works manufactures high-quality and versatile outdoor equipment for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation. Primarily focused on hunting equipment to start the founding goal of my company is to produce high-quality, versatile and innovative equipment for outdoorsmen and women in the East and Midwest.

Lehr Labs (Evan Lehr in York County)

Lear Labs is developing a High-temperature Printer to fix the problems that arise with conventional 3D printers to produce parts for manufacturers. It will be able to extrude almost every available 3D printing material. It includes an Actively heated chamber that gets hotter and has better convection then printers of similar caliber.

Lightscline (Ankur Verma from Centre County)

Lightsclien is eliminating up to 90% of sensor data analytics costs by reducing (i) data infrastructure and (ii) human capital costs of B2B companies that own and operate on sensor data. An example: the director of operations of a railway wheel monitoring company needs our data-reduction software to monitor machine health in their compute and bandwidth-restricted operational environment.

Dolphin Consults (Drew Piispanen from Dauphin County)

Dolphin Consults is building chatbots with contextual learning for better business-customer interactions. The goal is build a chatbot into a plugin that would be usable for three primary ecommerce platforms (shopify, woocommerce, and Magento 2).

Allegro Learning Solutions (Joel Kline & Shaun Donovan from Dauphin County)

A platform that engages pools of unqualified employee candidates through the programs and training to become qualified.

Happy Valley Nomadic (Michael Tedesco from Centre County)

We provide high quality, fresh ingredients, and new and old variations to cocktails and mocktails. We provide a monthly subscription box that includes recipes, ingredients, garnishes, non-perishable items and more to craft at-home cocktails or mocktails.

Hoffman Appalachian Farm (Joshua Brock from Elk County)

Expansion of our existing hops operations, adding small grains, hemp and other crops to diversify. Establishing working partnerships with local breweries and PA Wilds marketing efforts to establish the region as an Agritourist destination.

About the TechCelerator: The TechCelerator program is a 10-week virtual business “boot camp” designed to assist inventors and very early-stage entrepreneurs in converting their business ideas into operating ventures. The program helps entrepreneurs explore the likelihood of success, discuss business models and financials with experts, expand their network, engage with other entrepreneurs, and develop a pitch deck for funding opportunities. Over the past ten years, the program has helped create dozens of new tech startups. Learn more at