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Ben Franklin Technology Partners Invests in Nine Company Projects!

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Are you developing a new, innovative product, process, or software application? Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central & Northern PA has been investing in tech-startups and small manufacturers for more than 30 years. Don’t know much about Ben Franklin? Watch this quick video! or check out our new website at .

At our December 2015 Board of Director’s meeting, nine projects were approved to receive funding support from the Ben Franklin Program. These companies, who are listed below all took a big step forward in turning their business ideas into a reality by applying for an investment. Contact us at 814-898-6650 to see how your name could be on this list next year:

      • Kress Motors – Located in Somerset County, has patented a combination of electric motor capabilities that reduce downtime and maintenance costs while improving efficiency. See
      • Impulse Technology – Located in Centre County, offers nano-scale, thin film specimen preparation and testing with the intention of developing thermoelectric energy conversion technology. See
      • Pledge Platform – Located in Dauphin County, is a fundraising app that allows teams and athletes to raise money for a charity or cause based on their performance. See
      • Data Inventions – Located in Erie County, developed a platform that enables manufacturers to connect, analyze, and act on real-time data to reduce downtime and improve productivity. See
      • Conduit Technology – Located in Erie County, developed a cloud-based software application that efficiently automates the process of collecting the clinical documentation required for the purchase of medical devices used in the home. See
      • InnovaTel Telepsychiatry – Located in Erie County, provides high-quality psychiatric care remotely to provider organizations, senior living centers, and other health care systems that need coverage. See
      • Quickstarter – Housed at Mercyhurst University in Erie County, this rewards-based crowd funding platform helps potential entrepreneurs raise startup money. For more info, contact Brad Gleason at 814-824-2433.
      • H&W Global Industries – Located in Indiana County, is testing the chemical formula ALOxidize™, used in coating processes, in order to better understand the molecular components. For more info, contact Chuck Conrad at 724-388-2906.
      • eLoop – Located in Centre County, is commercializing a new, environmentally responsible chemical method to separate lead from the glass found in older style TV and computer monitors. For more info, contact Ned Eldridge at 724-309-1537.