Feed the Founders: A Founder Only Networking Event

Are you a startup founder? Do you like pizza & beer?… then come out and meet some other founders. Connect, talk shop blow off some steam.

About this event

The Candy Factory and Ben Franklin Technology Partners are setting aside time for founders who are fighting the good fight of building innovative companies amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the current market conditions. The goal of this monthly event is to provide a place where founders can come together, meet one another over some pizza and beer to confront the challenges, and at times loneliness, of being a founder. The lonely island of leadership is real… but on our shores at least there are drinks.

When is it?

Every 3th Thursday of the month from 4-6pm

(Please note, there will be no meetings held in July and August)

Where is it?

In downtown Lancaster on the 6th floor of The Candy Factory
(342 N. Queen Street, Candy Factory Warehouse D, Lancaster, PA 17603)

What does it cost?

Just your time, no $$

Who’s invited?

Founders who are building their businesses on a novel innovation of one kind or another (e.g. – a software platform, a proprietary algorithm, a chemical compound, etc.) This event is specifically targeting those who are in the thick of building something new and who often find it hard to find peers who are on a similar journey. After hundreds of thankless hours of hiring, managing, setting vision, rallying the troops, raising capital and cleaning the toilet… you deserve a drink.

Who sits this one out?

Freelancers, ‘Solopreneurs’ and Non-founders (even if you work for an innovative company). But don’t worry… we’ve got other events for you.

Questions? Contact:

Joe Hackett at 717-858-3046 or Julie Bratton at 973-479-3623