TechCelerator @ Johnstown

As part of the Startup Alleghenies initiative, the Ben Franklin TechCelerator@Johnstown will provide an 8-week business startup accelerator that includes one-on-one mentoring sessions targeting emerging tech-entrepreneurs and small manufacturers from the surrounding community. “Graduation” will include a pitch presentation to a panel of local professionals and potential investors that offers up to $10,000 in prize money.


July 10, 2018 – August 30, 2018 (8-Week Session)


The sessions will be offered in two alternating locations:

JARI Center

160 JARI Drive

Johnstown, PA 15904


814Worx Coworking Space

647 Main Street

Johnstown, PA 15901


10:00 AM – Noon .

Course Overview


  • Introduction and Course Orientation
  • What is the Technology Idea?   Intro to “2-minute Stand-up”
  • Customer Discovery & Development
  • The Business Model Canvas Overview

Week 2 


  • 2-minute Stand-up, version 1
  • Customer Discovery: Interviewing
  • Cost Structure: Estimating Operational Costs; Estimated Start-up Costs
  • Value Prop Canvas

Week 3    


  • 4-minute Stand-up & Power Point
  • Customer Segments, Channels, Customer Relationships –

Week 4 

  • 10-Minute Power Point Presentation “Lessons Learned” – Summary of Customer Discovery efforts

Week 5 


  • 5 Minute IGNITE! (15 Sec/slide) Presentation
  • Partners

Week 6 

  • Revenue Streams
  • Profitability
    • Basic Accounting/Banking needs/expectations
    • Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow
    • Projected P & L Statements

Week 7 


  • Key Resources
  • Cost Structure
  • Funding Options

Week 8 


Presentations to the Panel, Peers, Ecosystem

  • 6-minute “Stand-up” with Power Point
    • Overview/Business Summary
    • The Customer Problem
    • The Value Proposition (your product/service)
    • Opportunity & Market (Customer Segment, Channels, Financials)
    • Competition
    • Technology/IP
    • The Team
    • Current Status/Next Steps
    • Summary

Are You Eligible to Apply?

  • Is your business in the concept or pre-revenue stage?
  • Is there a technology component to your business idea?
  • Are you a small manufacturer developing a new product or process?
  • Can you attend an eight/ten-week program, once a week?
  • Are you planning to commercialize your business concept?