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Ben Franklin Technology Partners Invests $1.4 Million in PA Startups!

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Need startup funding? If you are developing a new, innovative product, process, or software application and plan to start your own tech-business, you need to contact Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central & Northern PA. We have been investing in tech-startups and small manufacturers for nearly 35 years. The companies listed below all took the first important step in turning their ideas in to a business reality by applying to Ben Franklin for funding. If you are located in our 32-county footprint in Pennsylvania, you could be eligible to receive our investment capital and business support services. Visit our website at

  •  Airnest (Centre County) – Provides a software platform that enables businesses in the agriculture, GIS, insurance, and real estate markets to design and deploy drone-ready applications instantly. The company’s platform includes tools that automate drone control, flight planning, logging, compliance, and data visualization for multiple manufacturers.
  •  Apex Drop (Erie County) – Offers an influence marketing platform that serves fashion brands looking to expand their online presence and increase sales. Up and coming “Indie Brands” are connected with a vetted community of influential consumers who will promote the brand’s products via their social networks. The company is able to provide customized marketing campaigns by monitoring this online activity. 
  • Chartlytics (Centre) – Built a robust and scalable precision measurement and data visualization software for the education and behavior analysis markets. This SaaS-based software provides accurate information regarding learning performance that supports evidence-based decision making.
  •  ConidioTec (Centre) – Developed a non-toxic, effective fungal bio-pesticide, Aprehend™, which prevents and controls infestations of bed bugs. The product offers a single, long-lasting solution, which is sprayed as a barrier in areas where the bugs typically walk. Once exposed, the bugs die within four to seven days.
  • EcoIslands (Altoona) – Offers a patent-pending bio-reactor that has unique capabilities for treating Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in a miniature, synthetic wetland called a Metal Removal Unit (MRU). These MRU’s are small and inexpensive to maintain and operate, while providing much higher surface area per unit volume than traditional wetlands, reducing the land or chemical requirements needed to treat AMD.
  • HalenHardy, LLC (Bellwood) – Developed a variety of health, safety, and environmental tools to improve conditions for employees in the oil and gas, utility, construction, and mining industries. HalenHardy’s focus is on preventing slips and falls, controlling access to job sites, removing dangerous dust particles, recycling grease overflow from pumps, and controlling hydro-carbon spills.
  • Nolinio (Lancaster) – Offers customers an innovative solution for  enhancing sales and marketing processes. Their product, Wingman is a Software  as a Service (SaaS) which delivers real-time analytics for identifying the  effectiveness of a businesses’ collateral materials.
  • RePipe4710 (Lancaster) – Manufactures and sells high-density polyethylene plastic pipe and fittings that can be inserted into existing water pipes. The company’s trenchless solution enables the creation of a new pipe system for water mains, far below the cost associated with dig and replace models.
  • Sensor Networks (State College) – Developed permanently installed monitoring      systems to remotely measure and report wall thickness data and corrosion rates.  Metal degradation, including corrosion, erosion, and cracking is a major problem  for many industries. Knowing the condition of their assets is essential to any  regulatory driven and risk-mitigation organization.
  • Return Logic (Cumberland County) – Offers a cloud-based Software as a  Service (SaaS) platform to manage and analyze product returns for ecommerce  companies.  With the proliferation of free shipping and generous return policies,  returns are having an increasingly negative impact on the bottom line of retailers. The company’s mission is to help retailers reduce costly returns while adding  to their bottom line.
  • TEAMology (Franklin) – Developed a K-8 bully prevention program that takes a school-wide approach to reducing/eliminating aggressive behavior by promoting peer intervention. Schools are now mandated by law to offer programs such as Project TEAM, which includes materials, visuals, and software to not only the students but also the faculty.                                             

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