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Ben Franklin Technology Partners Invests in 14 Tech Startups!   

  Creating Jobs and Helping Grow the PA Economy


STATE COLLEGE, PA – Fourteen companies located in central and northern PA recently received an investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners that will allow them to further develop and commercialize new products, processes, or software applications. The Ben Franklin program has been investing in tech startups and small manufacturers for nearly 40 years.  Visit

Listed below are brief descriptions of the companies and the innovations they are developing:

AccountAbility Tech, located in Franklin County, offers a platform for people who are responsible for the management of finances and medical care for the elderly or the impaired.

Anova Innovations, located in Erie, PA, specializes in mold design services and manufacturing that focuses on the strategic use of 3D printed metal inserts to enhance a mold’s productivity and improve the molded part quality.

Blind Tiger, located in Erie County, produces a low-calorie, shelf stable, all-natural and organic line of non-alcoholic beverages inspired by Prohibition-era cocktails.

CPNet, located in Dauphin County, is an industrial IoT and AI company founded to bring Industry 4.0 technology to mid-market producers by providing prescriptive analytics solutions based on proprietary technology.

Emerge Education, located in Cumberland County, offers higher education institutions an innovative way to manage their online programs through business-related strategies that allow clients to focus on the teaching process rather than delivery issues.

Fish Gods, located in Erie, PA, is an environmental company that engages outdoor enthusiasts to clean up and protect the sustainability of watersheds. Fish Gods is producing and selling a reusable Clean Earth Bag that makes it easy to pick up and remove trash from forests, streams, and waterways.

Horizon Technology, located in Elk County, is a powder metal parts manufacturer that has developed new designs that can replace technology that has been part of motor designs for 100 years.  The company’s innovation creates the opportunity for reduced core losses, improved efficiency, and an overall reduction in size.

Laughing Owl Press, located in McKean County, specializes in letterpress printing with a focus on fine stationery for the B2B and B2C markets.  The company is creating software that brings the simplicity of ordering digital printing to high-end letterpress products.

NanoSpec Instruments, located in Centre County, has developed innovative noise subtraction technology that enables the manufacture of time-resolved spectroscopic instrumentation, which is faster, easier, and more sensitive to use.

Plexis Tech, located in Lancaster County, has created a social engagement and event management app designed to help people stay connected with their favorite content creators, entertainers, and friends.

REEL, located in Centre County, has developed a learning management system that helps medical students learn material faster, track weekly progress, and allows the educator to make data driven decisions through assistive intelligence and data visualization.

Steller Innovations, located in Tyrone, PA, manufactures an innovative, patented solid hardwood flooring assembly system that is easy to install, remove, repair, and replace allowing its customers to combine the aesthetic value of solid hardwood with a convenience never seen in rigid flooring.

TEAMology, located in Chambersburg, PA, developed a proprietary curriculum, backed by 15 years of research and development at Penn State University that will simplify and strengthen student emotional wellness. Launched in the summer of 2016 as a subscription cloud-based teacher platform, it offers easy to use curriculum, materials, and training.

WaveClear, located in Erie County, is an engineering/medical device design, development, and manufacturing company focused on markets for ultrasonic therapeutic devices.


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