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Bio-Tech Company’s Newest Innovation Detects Cancer Stem Cells Sooner


State College, PA– BioMagnetic Solutions, has entered the circulating tumor cells (CTC) world with a system that will be able to detect and capture circulating tumor cells (CTC) and cancer stem cells significantly earlier than current technology.

“This novel system offers the potential to isolate cancer stem cells and T-cells that can be engineered to use the body’s own immune system to attack cancers at an earlier stage and eliminate them” – Ted Liberti, COO & VP Business Development

BioMagnetic Solutions plans to develop a CTC prototype system and have sufficient data to show potential partners within the next six months. Minimal initial investment will be required as the company plans to adopt a corporate partnering strategy to finance growth.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central & Northern Pennsylvania, was an initial seed investor and funded the company’s startup activities in the amount of $275,000 in 2013/2014.

Paul A. Liberti, Ph.D, the company’s CEO/CSO, is the pioneer behind the first system capable of early detection of CTCs. CellSearch®, was acquired by Johnson & Johnson’s Veridex division in 2008 and is now part of the company’s Janssen Diagnostics unit. CellSearch® remains the only FDA-approved test for the detection and characterization of circulating tumor cells. His newest innovation in this arena, coming to market through BioMagnetic Solutions, will be able to outperform competing systems in sensitivity, early detection and efficiency of cell isolation, cell viability and number of cells captured.

Dr. Liberti commented, “The work we did at Immunicon and with our partner J&J created a worldwide interest in circulating tumor cells. There is a clear need for improved technology for the field to reach its promise of personalized cancer therapy – the holy grail of oncology. The beauty of our technology is that it readily scales and will allow us to isolate sufficient immune cells that can be engineered and used in the very recent and promising immune-based cancer therapies for leukemia and lymphomas and eventually very likely on solid tumors.”



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