Centre Region Entrepreneur Network (CREN)

If you are an entrepreneur looking for connections to the support ecosystem, this group is for you!

CREN brings together local entrepreneurs to meet, discuss business ideas, and enjoy a social setting that concentrates on helping rather than selling. It is a place for entrepreneurs to support one another. We recognize the value of a strong business community to our individual endeavors and are committed to sharing our experiences for the benefit of our peers. Our events bring a diverse group of entrepreneurs and those who support entrepreneurship together, ranging from interior design to social marketing to food and beverage to technology to manufacturing to R&D.

This informal group was started in 2009 by Todd Erdley, founder of Videon and current Ben Franklin Technology Partner’s Portfolio Manager for Centre County.

Who can join?

CREN is open to all entrepreneurs, and those who support the eco-system of entrepreneurship in the Happy Valley area.

How often are events?

CREN events are scheduled several times throughout the year. Sign up for emails so you don’t miss the next event!

Is there a membership fee?

CREN Events are completely FREE to attend.

Are there any other benefits?

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