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How Much Would You Spend To Be Able to Sell Your Products in the Largest Mall in the World?

This one mall sells more than Target, Walmart, Staples and Sears combined. Their growth in 2016 was ten times higher than the next eight largest retailers combined. Every second, shoppers spend more than $140,000 buying a vast array of products that range from clothing to household goods to car parts – new and used!

By now you have likely guessed, I’m talking about a virtual mall, Amazon. If you want your products to be where most shoppers start their search, you’ll want to learn a few things about how Amazon operates. For example, who knew there are actually two kinds of sellers? Yes, you could be an individual seller or a professional, but what’s the difference? Also, you can sell on Amazon or sell to Amazon – which will work best for you and your product. First Hint: Do you want your shipping and handling to be “Fulfilled by Amazon” or do you want the hassle of packaging yourself? You’ll hear people talking about “Winning the Buy Box”, but what does that mean and why do you even want to win it? Second Hint: It’s not about having the best price, but learning how to become Amazon’s hand-picked seller. Buyers trust their choice!

You can use trial and error to figure out the ins and outs of selling on Amazon. But, if you have just $99, you could gain an introduction to an industry professional with 20 years of experience. Mr. Steve Fafel with Ben Franklin’s eMarketing Learning Center is passionate about working with startups and has a somewhat unique background comprised of work in technology startups, software development, leadership roles,​and product management on both a large and small scale. Steve’s past life includes a stint as the Chief Delivery Officer for Frontstream, a solutions provider for nonprofits and fundraising organizations. Prior to Frontstream, he was the CEO of GiftWorks and led the company through its acquisition. Based in Lancaster, PA where he lives with his wife and four children, Steve will be coming to a location near you soon.


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