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Retired Penn State Professor’s Software Really is a “Breath of Fresh Air!

State College, PA – An estimated 80% of adults breathe improperly. Bad habits formed in childhood can lead to serious health problems in later years such as asthma and even strokes brought on as a result of sleep apnea. A software application developed by retired Penn State University Professor Tony Warren, BreatheSimple, offers personalized breath training for those who suffer from these varied-life threatening conditions.

Available now from the Apple Store, Dr. Warren and his team at Halare, Inc., are offering an interactive, clinically-proven methodology that can be downloaded from a smart phone. Check out this quick video

With initial funding support from Ben Franklin, the company was able to attract federal grants and two rounds of angel investment that got the company off the ground. Bill Frezza, an early customer from Boston, Massachusetts, states “Frankly, I did not believe that breath training would help me.  But after just six weeks of dedicated use, I wake up more refreshed.  I feel as if I have been gifted an extra hour of sleep every day.”

Tony Warren, CEO of Halare, started the company after having a mini-stroke triggered by years of sleep apnea. “I researched the clinical data and found that I could cure my apnea using breath training. Six weeks later, I had no apnea and after seven years I have stayed in excellent health with no sleep problems. Now, using the patented BreatheSimple software, I am taking my experience to the millions of others not getting a good night’s rest or who just can’t relax”.

Dr. Rosalba Courtney, who guides the users experience on the app, is a prominent researcher and training clinician. She commented, “I have improved the health and quality of life for hundreds of poor breathers over the last twenty years by leading them through breathing exercises in my clinics. Now, with the BreatheSimple application, many millions of sufferers can potentially get benefit in the comfort of their own home”

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