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Ben Franklin Technology Partners CNP Re-Invests in Two Startup Companies

At the April 2023 Board of Directors meeting, two startup companies were approved to receive an investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA, allowing them to further develop a new product, process, or software application. The funding will be used for prototype development, testing of new products, hiring of additional employees, and to help grow company sales.

The two companies funded include:

Wove Made, located in Lancaster, PA, is an engagement ring company that lets you craft your dream engagement ring and try on a replica ring from the comfort of your home before making a final ring purchase. Once the design is perfected, the final ring is handcrafted and delivered straight to your doorstep.

CyberconIQ, located in York, PA, offers a patent-pending solution to cybersecurity issues that integrates psychology, sociology, and organizational behavior tenants that will produce personalized cybersecurity profiles based on personality traits.