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Local Startups to Receive Investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners

On Monday, October 24th, Ben Franklin Technology Partners hosted an Entrepreneur Investment Presentation that celebrated five local companies receiving funding. These startups, located in the Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster regions will use the investment to leap from start-up to up-and-running.

The companies funded include:

Arcana Recovery, Inc. (Harrisburg based) is a web and mobile app that helps reduce substance abuse relapses by quickly connecting those seeking help to recovery resources, while also improving the recovery resources client management systems.

Envision Biomedical, LLC (York based) develops new contact lens polymers for lens manufacturers to help them address contact lens discomfort in users.

SR Solutions, Inc. (DBA RestoreUnited, York based) has created a new software system for restoration contractors and subcontractors, which manages their business processes and interfaces with the insurance company payers.

SnapHealth, LLC  (Lancaster based) helps consumers to understand and select the best health insurance plans available to them through a self-guided web application that reduces the many insurance plan options to three recommendations.

Sustainable Composites, LLC (Lancaster based) uses an environmentally certified process to convert scrap leather into a recycled material that can be used and finished like new premium leather.

Representatives that attended

Representative Patty Kim and Senator John DiSanto presented Ben Franklin Technology Partners’ investment to the Harrisburg-based technology startup: Arcana Recovery (Sharina Johnson).

Representative Carol Hill-Evans and Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill presented Ben Franklin Technology Partners’ investment to two York-based technology startups: Envision Biomedical (Dr. Sidd Pawar and Dr. Jay Kunzler) and SR Solutions (Mike Rose).

Representative P. Michael Sturla, Representative Keith J. Greiner, and Senator Scott Martin presented Ben Franklin Technology Partners’ investment to two Lancaster-based technology startups: SnapHealth (Joshua Brooker, Erika Hollingsworth and Aislinn Sutcliffe) and Sustainable Composites (Frank Fox, Tom Tymon and Don Morrison).

Sustainable Composites
Snap Health
SR Solutions
Envision Biomedical
Arcana Recovery