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TechCelerator at Ben Franklin is hosting a Virtual Pitch Event!


Join us to vote on your favorite business concept and help award a cash prize of 1,000 to a local startup!

Seven local entrepreneurial teams are in the process of completing a ten-week, business startup boot camp. This exciting program has been offered by Ben Franklin’s TechCelerator program!

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, beginning at 2:00 PM, the teams will pitch their business concepts to a panel of independent judges for a cash prize of up to $10,000! In addition, the zoom audience members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite presentation and award a cash prize of $1,000 in the People’s Choice Award.

The cohort represents an exciting mix of emerging products and services including:

Teal Manufacturing –  Teal’s core technology is an additive manufacturing (AM) process leveraging design optimization and industrial robotics to align composite material in full 3D such that every fiber is oriented specifically for the end-use application (e.g., along load paths).

Ambient Homes – Ambient Home is providing a hardware-based support service that allows multiple smart home platforms (Google Home, Alexa, Ring, HomeKit, etc.) to communicate with each other locally and allows users to manage all their devices, no matter the manufacturer, from one privacy-centric application. In addition, to ensure users are completely satisfied with all their devices and can use technology to its full potential, Ambient Home provides a subscription technology support service for all devices that the users own.

Educational Data Stewards – Researchers are already experts in their field; they shouldn’t also need to become experts in data management, sharing, and privacy along with the associated continually changing technical landscape to produce and maintain quality data products that meet the standards of their funding organizations. “Let us manage your data so you don’t have to”.

Deep Decisions AI – A multi-agent deep reinforcement learning decision framework has been developed, supporting versatile plans for deteriorating large-scale engineering systems that operate under (i) incomplete real-time information, (ii) system model unavailability, (iii) uncertain action outcomes, (iv) resource limitations and various other constraints. The idea is quite powerful and can be used in optimally managing the aforementioned systems, which cost millions and, in some cases, billions of dollars. Integration in system inspection, maintenance, and asset management can revolutionize the field while also introducing a new dimension to the notion of smart cities and sustainable infrastructure.

Glacier Scalp Cooling – A wearable device that circulates cold liquid to cool the scalp during Chemotherapy in order to avoid/prevent alopecia.

Journeyman Products – The Journeyman Hammock Camp (JHC) is a simple, complete, robust hammock camping system that makes sleeping outdoors easy, comfortable, and warm.

Integrative Support Services Concepts – Due to that past pandemic, hand sanitizing came to the fore as a secondary method in defense of removing and/or eliminating pathogens from skin. Current products are inconsistent, potentially unsafe, and unpopular. UVC Light Hand Sanitizer Stations. Using a Mindful approach to sanitize your hands. This approach supports a healthy life by eliminating pathogens due to contact from the workplace.

You won’t want to miss this exciting, virtual event. Be part of the Zoom audience and help one of these teams win $1,000 by voting in the People’s Choice Award.