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Six More Companies in Central & Northern PA Just Received Ben Franklin Funding!

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central & Northern PA is pleased to announce that six more companies have joined our investment portfolio. If you are developing or commercializing a new, innovative product, process, or software application, check out what some of our clients have to say about our funding and business support services –

Listed below are the six companies that have taken a big step forward in getting from StartUP to UP and running:

Dooplii, LLC, located in Crawford County, developed a content management system and communications platform that allows students, parents and teachers to work in a collaborative manner, helping students get the most from their educational work, stay organized and communicate with their parents.

Eduplanet21, LLC, located in Mechanicsburg, is a software, content, and services company that is committed to transforming professional development for K-12 school districts. The company offers a unique and innovative platform that provides planning, credentialing, and curriculum development tools that support self-directed educators in their professional development needs.

Mangrove Jack Marine USA, Inc., located in Mercer, developed an innovative design for a high-quality, portable, light-weight folding boat trailer, originally manufactured and sold in Australia. The company has established a worldwide design, manufacturing, and operations center in Mercer County, PA, and is now offering its “Made in USA” product globally.

Mason Jars MakerPlace, located in Erie, has created an ecommerce marketplace that allows enthusiasts from around the world to connect while they buy and sell Mason Jar-related items. The site supports the whole culture that surrounds this ever-growing market which consists of supplemental and accessory products that appeal to “creatives” and those who like do-it-yourself projects.

Olympus Advanced Technology, LLC, also located in Erie, is developing the world’s lowest power, small oscillators to be used in almost every electronic communications device sold. As these devices have become increasingly advanced, the need for a low-cost, low-power, high performance solution has become even more important. The company has developed a series of products that will meet this ever-growing global need.

West Arete, located in State Collegecreated “Contributary”, a software platform for community foundations to host “giving day” events. The first of these will be Centre Gives on May 9th. These one- or two-day programs create excitement and momentum around charitable giving online. The Contributary platform is reliable and user-friendly. The company is currently in talks with other community foundations around the country as well.