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On Tuesday, March 18, 2015, Ben Franklin’s Board of Directors approved investments in three new startups located in the Center’s footprint: Hatchback, Atoptix, and Sensor Networking. 

Located in Harrisburg, Hatchback, Inc., has developed a B2B platform that integrates with mobile apps and allows marketers to collect, target, and engage with audiences based on their actual travel patterns. The company offers retailers, restaurants, etc., the ability to engage with consumers, with their permission, creating sales opportunities that would otherwise likely not exist.   For more information, contact Joshua Benton at

Atoptix, located in State College, is developing a smart-phone integrated health sensor that provides individuals the ability to track and monitor their health and wellness by accurately measuring the levels of various tissue components such as hemoglobin, oxygen, and glucose. The patented, miniature optical spectrometer technology allows for completely non-invasive, real time monitoring/early warning for health concerns such as anemia, diabetes, inflammation, and even cancer. For more information, contact Dr. Perry Edwards at 

Also located in State College, Sensor Networks, has developed a patented, safe digital solution for providing customers with a suite of advanced ultrasonic sensors that allow for the measurement and monitoring of wall thickness in pipes, tanks, vessels, and heat exchangers. This technology, which is safe and cost- effective, replaces the need for sending technicians into the physical plant locations. For more information, contact Bruce Pellegrino at