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Celebrating Angie Singer Keating’s Appointment as Board President of Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA (Ben Franklin CNP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Angie Singer Keating to its Board of Directors as President. With over two decades of experience in information systems, project management, and engineering, Angie brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to the organization.

Angie Singer Keating is the Co-Founder and CEO of Reclamere, a leading provider of cybersecurity and IT asset management solutions. Throughout her career, Angie has held key positions in various industries, including railcar manufacturing, custom software application development, and land surveying. Her diverse background has equipped her with invaluable skills in project management, budget oversight, and team leadership.

Angie Singer Keating

Celebrating Angie Singer Keating’s Appointment as Board President of Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Angie holds prestigious certifications including CISA, CISM, and CRISC, which underscore her deep knowledge in IT security, privacy, and risk management. Recognized as a subject matter expert, Angie has authored numerous publications and delivered public speeches on critical cybersecurity topics. Her thought leadership extends to her role as the former board president of i-SIGMA, the International Secure Information Governance and Management Association.

As President of the Board, Angie’s passion for IT security and governance aligns seamlessly with Ben Franklin CNP’s mission to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the community. Her commitment to creating security-minded cultures resonates with the organization’s values of fostering economic growth and technological advancement.

Angie expressed her enthusiasm for joining the Board, saying, “As someone deeply committed to the intersection of technology and security, I am thrilled to take on the role of President on the Board of Directors at Ben Franklin [CNP]. I believe that by fostering a culture of innovation while prioritizing data security, we can empower entrepreneurs and drive meaningful change in our community. I am excited to contribute to this mission alongside the esteemed members of the board.”

Angie Singer Keating’s appointment to the Board of Directors reinforces Ben Franklin CNP’s dedication to driving innovation while prioritizing data security and risk management. Her leadership and expertise will undoubtedly propel the organization forward in its mission.

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