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Nine More PA Companies Just Received Funding from Ben Franklin Technology Partners!

At the September 2020 Board of Director’s meeting, nine additional companies were approved to receive an investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central & Northern PA and were added to the program’s portfolio of funded clients.  Emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners who are developing a new, product, process, or software application – and need startup funding, need to know about the Ben Franklin program.  Tech-startups and small manufacturers have been getting their “start” with Ben Franklin Technology Partners for nearly 40 years.  NO fees, points, or collateral required! For more information, visit

Below are brief descriptions of the innovations developed by the companies most recently funded:

CyberconIQ, located in York, PA, offers a patent-pending solution to cybersecurity issues that integrates psychology, sociology, and organizational behavior tenants that will produce personalized cybersecurity profiles based on personality traits. Visit

Decontamination Specialty Equipment, located in Erie, PA, engineers, designs, and sources decontamination equipment, including portable decontamination generators and integrated room decontamination systems, for the pharmaceutical, research, and healthcare markets. Visit

Domestic Monitoring Initiative, located in Erie, PA, provides a unique tool that unobtrusively collects data from individuals with mental health disorders which will allow professional care givers to quickly asses the need for an intervention.  Visit

Easy Raising, located in Kane, PA, has developed a multi-sided ecommerce platform for product fundraisers that takes the stress out of the process for schools and non-profits by incorporating easy, customizable online features. Visit

Fish Gods, located in Edinboro, PA, is an environmental company that developed a tool for outdoor enthusiasts that helps them become active in cleaning up our earth’s plastic pollution, “One Clean Earth Bag at a Time.”  Cleanliness is truly next to FishGodliness:

 Horizon Technology, located in St. Marys, PA, (Elk County) is a powder metal parts manufacturer that is developing new materials and designs that expands the traditional use of PM parts for applications such as the electrification of vehicles and motors for many other applications that provide superior performance characteristics.

InspectionGo, located in Tyrone, PA, is a platform for home inspection companies that helps them achieve their core business needs by creating a comprehensive software platform for the home buyer and home inspector with deeper and better data about the properties.  Visit

Nature’s Blend Candies (King Krunch) Gourmet Brands, located in Jefferson County, PA, received funding to upgrade their ecommerce site, redesign the packaging and manufacturing areas, upgrade the ERP/CRM system and develop a more robust online sales and marketing strategy.  Visit

OEE Datawatch, located in York, PA, provides standardization in the industrial automation and controls industry with a user-friendly kiosk that makes quoting, designing, and implementing a manufacturing control system easier.  Visit

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